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Zombie Harness - Small Dog

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You know you're expecting it. You've even prepared a little - plans, supplies, tactics, so when the zombie apocalypse does hit, make sure your best friend is able to suit up with you.  

Now in five colors! All are 100% cotton fabric prints with fleece or flannel lining for comfort. Whether you two are patrolling the neighborhood, wilderness, or that most dangerous spot - the mall, we've got your pet covered.  

All include your choice of embroidered zombie fighter patch on the back. The “D” ring is welded, nickle plated steel. The back strap is the same nylon webbing used for collars & leashes. Heavy duty hook & loop strips secure the harness around your pet.  

Blue camo:  Perfect for walking around town, or checking out those getaway boats in the marina.  

Brown camo:  Scouting for walkers on the open range? We've got your pet's camo right here.

Green camo: The old army standard, for those night maneuvers around the neighborhood.

Pink camo:  Want your pup to be easy to spot among the zombie hordes? Pink is the answer.

Purple camo!  That's right, purple. Ready to patrol anywhere - and look great while doing it.

Please indicate which patch you want on the harness. They are listed starting from top left and going across:

#1-Skull gas mask; #2-Skeleton hand; #3-Crossed weapons; #4-Small gas mask

#5-Hazmat; #6-Zombie; #7-K9 unit

#8-Zombie crosshairs; #9-Zombie hand #10-Zombie small; #11-Zombie large

Sizes are listed by chest measurement. See our Sizing Instructions for a proper fit.

Gentle cycle cool.  Tumble dry low.  No bleach.


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