About Us

OUR MISSION: To create well made, stylish, unique pet wear that will delight our fellow dog lovers. We blend function with fashion using the best quality components. Our products are like a favorite pair of jeans, but for your dog. And like those favorite jeans, we hope to be a staple in every dog's wardrobe. 

OUR HISTORY: We are a pair of life long dog lovers.  From 1999 - 2006 we actively rescued and rehomed golden retrievers and golden mixes. A handful of those we rescued lived out their lives with us. Mookie, our last long-term foster dog, passed away in April 2016 at the age of 13. He was a true love and we miss him dearly. His passing marked the end of an era for us, one that we will always remember fondly.

Our dogs love going on outings. The only problem was finding harnesses and outfits to suit our style, especially for our larger dogs. Even when we found something stylish, it was often a bit too flimsy for our needs or taste. After a while, we began making our own. Every time we'd parade a new design out, our family & friends were amused, amazed, and interested. We launched "Ellay Dog" in August 2015 and have been creating well crafted fashion harnesses ever since.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: Simply put? We make our harnesses to last. From the quality of thread to the strength of the nylon straps to the detail of the design, we make every harness and outfit with the idea that it should last a long time over many, many outings. 

We take pride in the fact that we use heavy duty, marine grade thread (V69 to V92) to stitch the nylon straps and hook & loop onto the harness. Our heavy duty nylon webbing is rated 2,000 lbs tensile strength (5/8”) to 4,200 lbs tensile strength (1”). The hook & loop we chose is designed for heavy use with a 20,000 open/close life cycle. For the large dogs, we add a middle layer of duck canvas lining for extra durability, shape, and strength. The difference in our quality is obvious to the touch. So, if you want a great looking harness that is made to last – we’re here.

You work hard for your money, you deserve top quality for your dollar. 

OUR PASSION: Helping dogs in need. We're no longer active in rescue, but there are some wonderful groups working hard to save as many at-risk pets as possible. Throughout the year and whenever possible, we will donate items to fundraisers for rescues and shelters as a way to help out. A portion of every sale to is donated to animal rescue.
We hope you enjoy our line of fashionable harnesses and outfits, and that they bring a smile to your face and others on your next outing together.
Keenan & Wanda Pickett
If you have any questions about your order or any of our designs, please contact us at wanda@ellaydog.com or keenan@ellaydog.com.
You can also follow us on Mastodon: @EllayDog
Or Instagram: @ellaydog
Please meet the pack that has made Ellay Dog possible:
 Pepper, our Havanese (2006-2022) - He was sure he was human, just really short and hairy.
 Ume (oo'-may), our Brussels Griffon - Everyone she meets is a friend.  
Kiki maltese-mix model  Kiki, our Maltese-mix - The smallest of the pack with the biggest personality.
 Kaiser, our White German Shepherd (2010-2023) - He put on a brave front, but he was really just a big kid.